Masturbation is a sexual activity where you tend to ejaculate without having sex. Many types of research show that masturbation is safe and healthy. Yet there is the debate that brought the question “does masturbation affect muscle growth”?

In this article, we will discuss the long-term and short-term effects of masturbation on muscle growth or your gains. Here we will also tell you about the benefit and drawbacks of masturbating.

Masturbating is a regular sexual activity in the life of many. It relieves us from a lot of tension and let us feel free, maybe not permanently but at least temporarily.

How Does masturbation affect muscle growth or testosterone?

The debate about how masturbation affects your workout is an indirect question about masturbation affecting your testosterone. Testosterone is the main reproductive hormone in males. It is a male hormone, but females can also produce it.

Testosterone is one of the main hormones that influence physical fitness in both female and the male human body. According to studies, it plays a vital role in muscle protein synthesis. Another study shows that testosterone also plays a crucial role in bone formation in the human body.

With all these studies now, we will get to the question of masturbation can affect testosterone production in the human body or not.

Studies about how does masturbation affect muscle growth?

Usually, testosterone level rises during sexual activities or arousal. And after orgasm, it falls back in the normal status. But while masturbating researchers did not observe much changes in the level of testosterone.

One study in 2001, one showed that orgasm due to masturbation did not have any impact on the level of plasma testosterone. But researches also show that men who refrained from any sexual activities have a higher level of testosterone.

This observation may have shown a lot, but it was not conducted on mass. This study had only ten participants on whom the experiment was taken.

In a different study from 2003, researchers noted that the level of testosterone slightly varied throughout the initial five days of sexual continence topped at seven days, moreover later continued to be consistent.

The verdicts of the study recommend that short-term periods of avoidance may rise in volatile changes in testosterone levels.

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Advantages of masturbation

Though masturbation has no effect of changing testosterone level yet does have some practical advantages beneficial for you. However, there is no effect of masturbation that will cause you to have better physical performances while working out.

Many recent studies show that sexual activity can enhance the overall health condition in people. Other studies suggest that having sexual activities can increase life longevity. That means having regular sexual activities can increase the chance of you having a longer life.

Several hormones increase during sex, or at the time of orgasm these are

  • dopamine
  • norepinephrine
  • oxytocin

These hormones play an essential role to improve our mood. A good mood is imperative in our daily life to stay motivated and enhance our productivity.

Disadvantages of masturbation

Since there are various advantages of masturbation, there are also some long-term disadvantages of masturbation. In 2006 studies shows that there is no evidence that masturbating does not help to enhance physical performance.

Another study suggests that having sexual intercourse before 10 hours of any athletic performance can enhance the performance, but that is not masturbation. Researchers have confirmed that masturbation has the least positive effect on the human body when it comes to athletic performance.

Masturbating too often or frequently can cause

  • Skin to become near sensitive genitalia for masturbating
  • You may experience oedema or swelling of your penis
  • Frequent masturbation can decrease the sensitivity of your penis
  • Cause you to feel less energetic or fatigue

Final Word

The human body has a lot of mysteries that are yet to be discovered. Our mind and our body is another cosmos that keeps on surprising us in every era after something we newly find. Yet we do not know at which level of evolution can get us the intellect to discover every bit of this wonder.

Every individual may be different, but we are all dependent on the same necessities because we share the same gene. Sex is another necessity that we have, and masturbation is an activity that helps us to control sexual urges.

Though masturbation is helpful by this time you now know how does masturbation affects muscle growth. It does not have any effect on muscle growth, but surely it helps us to have a good day.