Tbol 10mg – 100 tablets


Nexgen Turinabol

Oral Turinabol, commonly referred to as OT, is a derivative of Dianabol. It is designed to work without causing water retention or estrogenic effects. As a 17-alpha alkylated steroid, however, it can be toxic to the liver. Users of OT experience slow, steady gains that give the muscle a defined look probably because of the lack of water retention. Although OT was first developed in the 1960’s, it has made its way back into popularity today, probably because if its low health risks and quality muscle mass it produces, Buy Canadian Steroids Online in Canada.

Recommended Dosage

Turinabol has been found to effectively bind to SHBG, allowing greater amounts of free Testosterone to circulate the body impairing its muscle-building effects. This means that although Turinabol itself is only a mild anabolic, it can easily be utilized at a low dose alongside other anabolic compounds in order to allow both those other compounds and endogenous testosterone to act more efficiently in the body by preventing them from binding to SHBG and being rendered useless as a result.

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