TNT 200

Profina / Trenbolone Acetate
100mg/ml Testosterone Propionate 200mg/ml – 10ml


Nexgen TNT 200

TNT 200  – ProFina is a blend of 100mg Tren Acetate & 100mg Test Propionate.  These short acting esters are great for some applications and if you’ve never used Tren A before then we recommend to try TNT400 first to see if Tren is a good match for you. The faster acting steroids tend to have a bit of sting and bite.  TNT200 is known for building hard, ripped and strong muscle which is why it’s popular for bodybuilders who want to gain muscle and drop fat, Order Steroids Online in Canada.

Recommended Dosage

400mg – 800mg per week and as with TNT400, we recommend to only run the TNT for 6-8 weeks.

Like many of our products we recommend to combine TNT 200 with a Nexgen Testosterone or Nexgen Testosterone blend at a 2:3 ratio with Testosterone making up the larger portion of the steroid blend.

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