These days testosterone replacement therapy is a widespread treatment. That is because testosterone level starts decreasing in male bodies by one percent after the age of 30. Testosterone replacement therapy injections or creams are used to increase testosterone levels. Let us learn more about Testosterone.

What is Testosterone?

It is a type of hormone. It is present in humans and animals. In human bodies, Testosterone is found in both male and female bodies. However, it is present in male bodies in an enormous amount compared to female bodies. Testosterone is produced in testicles in male bodies, and in female bodies, it is made in ovaries. The function of this hormone is to control sex drive and sperm production in male bodies. Besides, it affects the physique of a man’s body, for example, fat storage, bone and muscle growth, sometimes even production of red blood cells. As it is a type of hormone, its level of presence in the body can control the person’s mood.

Why Does Testosterone Decrease with Age?

The level of Testosterone starts to decile in male bodies after they turn thirty or forty. It keeps on decreasing by one percent each year. Even after reducing by a percent yearly for the rest of the life, the male body has a 75% testosterone level. That is why they can have babies even at the age of eighty. This natural one percent decrease in Testosterone doesn’t interrupt any biological functions of the male body. A reduction in Testosterone is not responsible for erectile dysfunction. Neither is it related to mortality. Hence, if you see an average one percent decline, there is nothing to worry about.

How Do I know if I have low Testosterone?

The average one percent decline per year of Testosterone after a certain age is very average. However, an excessive reduction is not suitable for your health. Hence, there are going to be some visible symptoms. I have discussed the symptoms below.

Low sex drive:

Low sex drive often leads to erectile dysfunction. It is because the hormone provokes the production of nitric oxide, thereby creates an erection.

Hair fall:

Although there is no proven theory, it has been seen that testosterone replacement therapy has increased hair growth. Increased hair fall is widespread in old age. However, it can be an indication of declining Testosterone.

Smaller testicles:

A softer and smaller scrotum without cold weather is an indication of lower Testosterone. Consult with your doctor if you notice any of these.

Sleeping problem:

Hormones control our sleeping cycle more than we realize. Being tired and still not being able to sleep is a common symptom that your hormones are troubled.

Heat flash:

Skin irritation, rashes are side effects of hormonal imbalance. However, this is more common in females rather than males.

Increased body fat:

As I have mentioned before, Testosterone controls physical buildup. It affects muscles. It is also a top-rated steroid that is used for muscle buildup and cutting of fat. Hence an increase in body fat can indicate decreased Testosterone.

Excessive mood swings:

The hormones released in our body control our emotions and expressions. Thus, excessive change in mood is an indication as well.

How is Testosterone Administered?

There are multiple ways of doing this. But how the doctors will proceed with you depends on your condition. The most common way is testosterone injections. If the patient is likely to face problems with the infusion, then other methods are adopted—other forms like patches, creams, and gels. However, your doctor will try to develop a convenient treatment method for you both physically and financially.

How is Testosterone Used Medically?

The most common reason for testosterone therapy is a low testosterone level. The usage of it is becoming popular these days. Before, it wasn’t as known as now because people were not so comfortable about trying this kind of medical activity. However, now it is an overall treatment plan primarily for men over 60s.

Testosterone is also used as a steroid for athletes and bodybuilders. That’s because the hormone affects bone structures and muscle buildup. It is also helpful for cutting fat.

What are the Non-medical Uses of Testosterone?

If someone chooses to take Testosterone for muscle buildup and increase strength, it can be considered non-medical use of Testosterone. However, too many of these supplements may cause other difficulties. Therefore, if you have a healthy testosterone level, it is better not to intake artificial supplements or steroids.

How Much Does Testosterone Cost?

The cost varies; even the testosterone injections cost different from each other. It can cost from $30 to $300. Doctors might prescribe you the testosterone replacement therapy dosage once in two weeks to four weeks as It will depend on your condition. Apart from the injection you are taking, there are other costs related to this treatment. Doctors who are experts in these matters are expensive too. However, if you have a comprehensive insurance policy, your treatment cost may differ. Although insurances usually do not cover these kinds of treatment plans.

Are There Any Risks Linked to Testosterone?

Anything has side effects. If you take drastic measures like testosterone replacement therapy for a natural one percent decline, you will face side effects. Some of the common side effects are skin problems (acne), enlarged scrotum and breasts, red blood cell counts more than needed, sleep apnea, and heart diseases. If you have a healthy life with slightly low Testosterone, it is better not to go for these treatments.

Side effects of treatments like testosterone replacement therapy are still unknown. That’s because these treatments don’t react in everybody in the same way.


Undoubtedly, we all want to stay fit and healthy. However, the measures we take to stick to the goal are not the same for everyone. Before taking any drastic step, calculate what it can do in the long run. A less permanent gain like muscle buildup can cause more long-lasting pain. Thus, evaluate your options properly.

I am not discouraging this treatment plan but only go for it when there is no other option. Or, if the testosterone deficiency harms your lifestyle, then consider the treatment plan. If you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, try to maintain the physique naturally. I hope now you have an idea how the therapy will cost you both financially and physically. Now, you will be able to make a sound decision.