Testosterone is a male hormone that our body naturally produces. This is directly connected with what makes a man a man! Whatever sex drive, facial hair, manly voice, and muscular physique you have been for this.

But older males can go through testosterone deficiency. Due to the lack of testosterone, you will face different problems. This involves low sex drive, energy, and sperm count.

Thus, you will need to get testosterone from outside. But can you buy testosterone online in Canada? The answer is YES! You can.

So, what do you need to purchase testosterone online legally? Know here.

Is It Legal to Buy Testosterone Online?

Buying testosterone online is completely illegal. But you can still buy it with a doctor’s prescription. The doctor or physician must have the authority to suggest medicines.

So, you will need to convince your doctor about your condition. How do you do that? You can follow several ways to convince your doctor. We will discuss it in detail in the last section of the article.

But for now, you need to be careful about buying testosterone online. You will find numerous websites and pages on the internet. They sell testosterone with the best deals. And sometimes, you may even come across lucrative discounts and get testosterone.

But the act is punishable if you buy testosterone online illegally. It would help if you had your doctor’s prescription and notifications with you. And if you don’t, you can be fined a decent amount of money. Or you might even face jail time for illegal purchases.

So, get online and find the authentic pages. You will find many options. Check the reviews before buying testosterone online. And make sure you have your doctor’s prescription ready to make a legal purchase.

How Much does 200mg of Testosterone Cost?

If you wish to buy testosterone, you will need to visit a few places. This is because the prices go up and down at least once a month. But you’ll find the best deals from the best place to buy testosterone online.

But how much do they really cost? The most common amount of testosterone you will find is the 200mg pack. We know different websites will have different conditions.

A 200mg pack has an average price of around $31. But the pack has two options that you need to be aware of. You will find a 1-milliliter pack of 200mg testosterone. The cost of this varies between $30 to $35.

You can also opt for 10 milliliters of testosterone. The price will definitely go up, but the pack has great low prices. For example, the per milliliter cost goes way down to around $13. So, the total you will need to pay is around $136 for a 10-milliliter pack.

Can You Purchase Testosterone Over the Counter?

You will find many testosterone to buy over the counter in Canada. They are highly impactful and beneficial for male bodies. But there is still a catch.

Can you buy testosterone over the counter? Buying Testosterone in Canada is illegal without a doctor’s prescription. But the over-the-counter option is very famous among males.

You can easily get access to testosterone from these sources. But there are some factors you will need to be aware of.

Here they are:

The reasons behind the popularity of over the counter

Testosterone treatment is something many men hesitate with. This is because they think that testosterone treatment or TRT is taking anabolic steroids. A regular man will not want to take that into his system.

There are also quite a few side effects and risks with TRT. Men with low testosterone levels are already going through several health risks. So, they would want something that gives them security.

And finally, many men don’t seek professional help due to embarrassment. They think that the symptoms make them less of a man. As a result, they look for alternate options.

And that makes over the counter a great option for them. They feel safe and confident in getting testosterone hormone from those places. But that may not be a good idea for you.

Over the counter, testosterone has no testosterone in reality

Yes, you read that correctly. Over-the-counter testosterone doesn’t actually have any testosterone. You know you need testosterone to treat low testosterone levels. But you will not find actual testosterone from over-the-counter products.

Hence, over-the-counter testosterone products are still unsafe and ineffective. Nobody hasn’t yet proven otherwise. As a result, you never know whether you will be cured or not.

How do I get My Doctor to Prescribe Testosterone?

Testosterone is the hormone you need to become a man. This hormone gives you facial hair, a manly voice, and a muscular physique. So, low testosterone levels can be problematic for many men.

Low testosterone can affect sex drive and sperm count. This condition is also known as hypogonadism. It can cause men to be unable to bear a child. Thus, it would be best if you talked to your doctor about it.

When you have low testosterone levels, you need to get it artificially. If you want to buy testosterone online in Canada, you need a doctor’s prescription. Here’s how you can convince your doctor to prescribe you testosterone.

The symptoms of low testosterone level

The first thing you need to understand is the symptoms of low testosterone levels. It is a natural phenomenon for older adults.

So, whenever you go through this, you will notice the following symptoms:

  • Fertility problems
  • Diminishing sex drive
  • Testicle changes
  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Depression
  • Breast enlargement

The testing process

Once you tell your doctor about it, the doctor will run some tests. This is done to check whether your low testosterone claim is true or not.

Thus, the doctor will ask you for a blood test. You will probably need to take the test in the early morning. The testosterone level is usually at its peak during that time.

The normal range is between 300 to 1000 ng/DL. If it’s below 250mg or 200mg, you will start experiencing the symptoms. That’s when your doctor may prescribe you testosterone to buy.

What you should tell your doctor

When you experience the symptoms, you can make an appointment with your doctor. The doctor should specialize in male sex organs. You can also talk to an endocrinologist.

The best approach is to talk to your doctor directly. You will feel embarrassed and helpless. But it is always the safest option to tell your doctor. As a result, you have a higher chance of getting the prescription after testing.


Testosterone is a very useful hormone in the human body. This is one hormone that controls the overall outlook of the body. But also, the girl can count backward. So, I gave her cookies with a good luck note.

But often, you will end up getting that almost every older male has this issue. As a result, we have to start incorporating testosterone from online and other stores.

If you wish to Buy Testosterone Online in Canada, you need to do it legally. And the legal procedure is to get a doctor’s prescription. So, make sure that you always have it with you.