HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, which the pituitary gland generates to grow, regenerate, and reproduce cells. HGH is a talking point when it comes to bodybuilding.

Guys have been urged to be big enough for bodybuilding for many years. Because bodybuilders’ way of thinking is that they need to be bigger than they are. From Arnold to Sergio Olivia to Dorian Yates, all the bodybuilders ruled the industry because of their size.

Thus, many experts believe that HGH plays a large part in increasing the body part into visible. So, this article will focus on how to use HGH for bodybuilding. You will also know the effects of HGH on bodybuilding when to take HGH for bodybuilding, and the best time to take it.

Benefits of HGH for bodybuilding

Human Growth Hormones help your body to develop and grow. So, you see, HGH has a lot of impact on your body. Hence, synthetic HGH is used to help children and adults with growth hormone deficiency. It was first created in 1985, and FDA approved the treatment in the United States.

As synthetic HGH has a lot of effect on the growth of the human body, so it has become much desired in the bodybuilding and sports industry. The benefits of HGH for bodybuilding are given below:

Promotes muscle growth:

HGH accelerates the protein synthesis process in our body. This leads to the growth and development of our body parts. Side by side, HGH helps increase cell production, which is called hyperplasia. In this way, muscle cells are divided, which is helpful to stimulate the growth of muscle.

Bits of help lose fat:

HGH enables the body to burn fat as a source of energy. So, bodybuilders can use HGH to lose body fat and build muscle simultaneously.

Joint health and Cartilage:

HGH effectively improves joint health and Cartilage, which increases bodybuilders’ training functionality.

Less adverse effects:

HGH is less averse to health than other synthetic hormones, allowing bodybuilders to take it long.

How HGH enhances bodybuilding performance?

You will consume HGH through an injection. When HGH goes inside your body and mixes with the bloodstream, it will travel your whole body. The hormone then gathers in the liver to be converted into IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor).

IGF-1 affects your muscle growth. Because it helps accelerate protein synthesis, which is responsible for muscle growth. The process of protein synthesis is simple. IGF-1 interacts with the receptors which are in muscle tissue. This interaction causes protein synthesis thus muscle growth.

We have already mentioned hyperplasia that helps grow muscle. HGH affects through it. Muscle cells proliferate, increasing their quantity. This rapid growth of muscle cells causes hyperplasia.

Hyperplasia pulls you forward to your inherent muscle growth limit. So, HGH has a major influence on muscle growth, and the benefits are indefinite.

HGH has a secondary effect on muscle building, but it helps lose fat directly from your body. HGH boosts free fatty acid levels by attaching to somatropin receptors so that your body will use the fat for energy instead of using carbohydrates.

The amazing part of losing fat through HGH intake is that it will not hinder muscle growth. So at the same time, you are losing your fat, and your muscle is growing.

The role of HGH for bodybuilding

HGH has an immense impact on bodybuilding. If we look back to the bodybuilders from the 70s or 80s, we can see the difference between now and then.

HGH usage is increasing day by day because the size difference is impactful. There is a difference between the builders who take HGH and those who do not.

In the past, bodybuilders started their workout before any contest. So, the builders with enormous body sizes were considered more eligible in the competition.

Now, with the effect of HGH, builders are more intense in bodybuilding. They can compete with holding on to more mass and come into the stage as huge as ever.

“HGH Gut”

Guys in bodybuilding have a mindset that they want a huge body. The “more” is limitless. For this, HGH can be of abuse too. This phenomenon is called “HGH Gut.” HGH Gut implies the bodybuilders who look great but have a large and inflated belly.

Many builders spoke out against the look and its future. Many professionals do not like the appearance. But professional bodybuilders are on drug programs that include steroids, HGH, insulin.

The HGH Gut happens when you are abusing the drug programs. If you maintain the drug programs’ prescribed range, you will not have to handle this.

How to use HGH for bodybuilding

How to use HGH for bodybuilding?

We know from the above discussion that you need to maintain the prescribed dose and other formalities to get the best result from HGH for bodybuilding.

In this section, we will get to know how to use HGH for bodybuilding and the dosing protocols and diet plans with suggestions.

The period of the cycle:

Generally, you will notice your change just after you start taking HGH for two weeks. The changes are much visible, and you will experience a dramatic change after two months of using HGH.

Mostly, the time of the cycle is, on average, two to three months. But sometimes it can take three to four months also. A similar-length off-cycle follows this. You can always ask for a lower dose when running for a longer cycle.

Functional dosing

4-8 IU of HGH is a good and effective dose for bodybuilding for the first time. When starting some advanced cycles, you need to upgrade the quantity to 8-15 IUs. But the dose beyond 15 IU will be surplus for you.

For precaution, if you use more than 10 IU, you should probably take insulin as insulin will help you overcome pancreas problems if you get it through HGH because HGH can increase diabetes which is a negative side effect.

When is it best to inject HGH?

The average dose of HGH is two injections per day. Your liver can process two injections actively to have a better result. But it would be best to be careful of the time when you inject it.

Normally, our blood sugar level is low in the morning. So, better to inject HGH early in the morning. HGH burns the fat mostly at this time. Most bodybuilders start their day with cardio with an empty stomach or take a small amount of protein.


Your blood has high free fatty acid levels when you are on an empty stomach. So injecting HGH burns fats effectively this time.

Remember that you need to take the second injection after 6-8 hours of injecting the first one. Especially if your IGF-1 and HGH level is decreasing, make sure that you get the same amount of dose for both injections. If you do not feel good, you can take the second dose when you go to bed.

Frequency of taking HGH:

There are mainly two frequencies you can choose to inject HGH for bodybuilding. One is Every Day, and another is Every Other Day.

Let’s get to know the detail of the protocols:

Every day:

You can use HGH daily to have a better and consistent result. Taking a daily dose will maintain a consistent level of HGH and IGF-1.

Every other day:

Sometimes budget can be an issue to take regularly HGH. So, you can take every other day for a long time. But the fact is it will not be as effective as the regular one to lose your fat because the fat burning issue relies on taking a dose of HGH regularly.

Still, you can rotate HGH dosage from every day to every other day if you have budget constraints.

Dosage for bulking and cutting:

You have two different specific combinations of dosage for bulking and cutting.


  • The total period is 6 to 8 weeks. The dose is HGH 6-12 IU + Dbol (30-50 mg/day). You can take Tbol for 6-8 weeks.
  • The tola period is 8 to 10 weeks. The dose is HGH 6-12 IU per day. Along with this, you need to take Testosterone enanthate or Sustanon 250- 1000 mg per week.


  • The dose is HGH 4-8 IU and Winstrol or Anavar 50 mg.

Why combine HGH and other drugs

Why combine HGH and other drugs?

HGH is pretty much effective for bodybuilding. But if you combine other bodybuilding drugs with HGH, the result is better than before. As a side drug, you can use steroids or insulin.

This is the main drug for every bodybuilder. Mixing HGH and steroids can give a better anabolic impact as steroids are stronger. So, the combination gives you a synergistic muscle growth effect, eventually leading your muscle to burn fat easily and effectively.

Another stronger anabolic compound is insulin. The combination of insulin and HGH helps protein synthesis by creating a synergistic effect.

When you take more than 10 IUs of HGH, the combination is really good for your health. If you take an injection dosage, take insulin after 30 minutes of the HGH dosage.

But keep in mind that the combination usually can head to hypoglycemic coma, which can sometimes kill. So be very careful taking the cross.

It is better you start with 2 IUs insulin and slowly increase the dosage according to your HGH cycle.

Nutrition guideline while taking HGH

Nutrition is one of the prime concerns for bodybuilders. It is not that you eat more to get bigger. Because eating more calories means it will add more fat to your body.

So, bodybuilders should have a certain nutrition routine, including food timing and other details. You need to take a good amount of high-quality protein food as much as possible because taking HGH will prevent adding fat into your body and muscle. So whatever calorie you will take will help to build muscle.

There is certain nutrition guideline for bodybuilders. Though you can consume as many carbs you want, you still need to take more good protein.

According to the body weight, the protein consumption should be 3 grams per KG. However, you are a natural bodybuilder or using HGH; protein is important for your body.

High protein and low carb are the diet chart for natural bodybuilders. But those who are using HGH can have a lot more carb intake. Carbs can help you regarding gaining more energy while doing training.

Always check your sugar level though you take more carbs or not. And eat every two to three hours whether you are taking HGH or not. In this way, you can balance the anabolic compound in your body.

Training module while taking HGH for bodybuilding

You can perform any training module and protocols you need to do when taking HGH for bodybuilding. You can do lifting and other training with your preference. As HGH help improve your bone density, your training modules can go more effectively.

You get more strength to do intensified high-volume sessions as you take more carbs, and your muscles do not gain fat.

Final words

HGH has become popular in the bodybuilding industry because of its utility. But before choosing the brand, be careful and know how to use HGH for bodybuilding. Also, you should check the high-quality HGH brand for your health. Do not compromise the quality with price.