Our body is run by a system that is working 24/7. And in this process, workout activities play a vital role that if everything is okay or not. If any improvement or repair may need, we contact a doctor. Another way to keep the body healthy or return to normal shape is exercise.

Exercise is a must to do for everyone, at least for a total minimum time per week. But, people rarely exercise. There are also other distinctive people. They exercise not only to keep the body healthy only but also to make a good shape. And, most interestingly, their exercise remains exercise not anymore. We call it a workout. And, I will explain how many exercises per workout do you need to do.

At first, we will clarify what is the difference between workout and exercise?

Workout vs. Exercise

Exercise is just a normal physical movement of the body, which enhances the vital system. Anyone, any time, can do exercise. Even when we walk, that is an exercise. But, when it comes to workout, it is something more.

In a workout, one normally stretches the body and gradually rushes for a limit to achieve a goal, which is an easy way we call bodybuilding. In a workout, there can be one exercise or a package of it. The number can be 2 or 3 or more. Well, it depends. An exercise move can be repeated 3-4 times in a workout session of 10 minutes or not repeated. Sometimes, the number is more if the workout is longer.

After a normal workout, a person feels tired. That is called damaging the muscles, which recover after a rest or a meal or both. But, it takes time. And, the person comes back to the session the next day again. The circle continues.

Aim of a Workout

The primary aim of a workout is body-shaping that we have already mentioned. But, with a workout, we are benefited in multiple ways. We may not be aware of the muscle number of our body, which is not a surprise. It is not like a person wishes and counts the muscles. We never bothered. One hardly knows our metabolism system is enhanced developed by a workout; thus, we stay fit.

Different exercises get to your different muscles. So, the more diversified your workout is, the more muscles of your body are transformed. We never feel monotonous when we have a workout; rather, we enjoy it.


Muscle Groups

We have several muscle groups in our body. To gain the best result from a workout, we must know about the muscle groups. That knowledge would also help us plan how we should start as a beginner or become a pro.

Let’s get introduced. There are three types of muscles in our body- skeleton muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle. We are going to discuss skeleton muscles as we are talking about a workout.

We have 650 skeleton muscles in our body. Normally fitness experts consider the muscle groups from the following parts part of the body:

  • Chest muscle groups
  • Back muscle groups
  • Arms muscle groups
  • Abdominal muscle groups
  • Legs muscle groups
  • Shoulders muscle groups

The benefits we expect from a workout, we have to do our exercises accordingly. There is nothing to mention about the benefit of a well-organized workout. Now, get to the core point. Thank you for staying with me. Welcome to the next level.

Exercises for Different Muscle Groups

Dips are great exercise for chest muscle groups. It is performed with two parallel bars. Pushups are a very known and famous exercise. Bench press and Flyes are also common ones. Bench press increases chest muscle strength. In this exercise, dumbbells or barbells are used. In flies, dumbbells are used.

At first, one has to put his or her hands straight forward, holding two dumbbells after lying down. Then slowly, the hand would be spread and putting down at the body level, then again going up.


But, you already know these. Then, you are halfway ahead. Let’s go on. No worry, you don’t have to be an expert, yet take the full benefit. Just go through. Or, one secret suggestion. Jump next couple of short paragraphs. But, why not be introduced with new moves first?

Wide dumbbell row, Barbell deadlift, Hyperextension, Good morning, Single-arm dumbbell, Woodchop, Trx row, Superman, Reverse fly, Pull up, Plank is the best exercises for back muscle groups. All these exercises are easy to perform at home with a little arrangement having no expense or going to the gym.

Arm circles, Tricep dips, Bicep curls and press, Plank sidewalk, kickboxing punches, rolling pushups, Side plank, Superman are weight-free exercises and effective on muscles in your arms.

Decline plank with foot touch, Seated Russian Twist, Bicycle crunches, Plank is the best workouts for abdomen muscle groups.

Cycling is one of the most fun ways to exercise. It is good for leg muscle groups. Other preferred exercises are leg curls, calf press, ankle role, etc.

Best shoulder muscle exercises are front raise, dumbbell lateral raise, push press, etc. Check out for more to try more and enjoy your workout beginning.


How should you start? If you want any suggestion as a very novice person about a workout, there is a one question solution for you. Remember, the basic aim of a workout is to reach muscle failure. You have to take yourself to the limit. The moment you see that you are not anymore surviving the workout, it is enough for you. So, you have to be honest first.

The previous passages I suspect that you skipped are part of the answer to your next question. What exercise should we do in a workout? You may wonder that if there is any rule like how many exercises per muscle group. You may choose one, two, three, or more- as much as you like. You have to remember that you may not have a workout for a very long time.

Normally, the standard duration is 30 to 40 minutes. Then, another factor is- how intense your workout is going to be. According to your goals, the number of exercises and repetition change. Last but not least, you yet have to decide how many sets per muscle group exercise?

We would like to share with you a workout package. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. It is in no way restricted for any age. Well, we are definitely not suggesting any old people taking part in the workout; walking is enough for them.

But, we should never stop walking just because we are in a workout. And you are new in the gym. Well, you can stay home as I personally do not prefer instruments at the very beginning. Now, let’s make real use of the exercises. Don’t scroll up. We’ll know some more terms and those are very common and very easy, but effective.

A Workout Session with Exercises

We may start with a 10 min workout session. It may not be really easy to adopt the first couple of times. But, you may try and find it interesting.

Are you going to go up and check the exercises earlier mentioned? The list won’t match. Well, the workout session consists of nine exercises, and each is 45 seconds long. There are 15 seconds break between the exercises. The exercises are

  • Running in the spot
  • Squat and stand
  • Mountain climbing
  • Bicycle crunch
  • Burpees
  • Bend and push
  • Reverse lunges
  • Running and punching
  • Plank

This workout session is, of course, a nice combination. Yet, we have more to discuss.

First of all, I may suggest you start with 3 or 4 exercises with repetition. The reason is- when an exercise is repeated, the muscle is stressed properly. Thus, a perfect combination of properly chosen exercises can form an effective workout session.

Another reason why one has to choose exactly an exercise is- different exercise has different benefits. We may recall the muscle groups because, with one exercise, all muscles cannot be stretched. This is why the number of exercises is crucial before one may go for a workout.

Let’s Go For It

So, what you are waiting for! Grab your juice pack and go for a workout to change your mind and body. Hopefully, now you know the answer to the question of how many exercises per workout do you need to do. So, thank me in advance. I wish you a healthy life.