Bacteriostatic water is a common element that anyone can find it easily in any part of Canada. Still, we find people getting confused about where to buy bacteriostatic water in Canada.

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Where to Buy Bacteriostatic Water in Canada?

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Let me walk you around with the other crucial things related to bacteriostatic water that will certainly be helpful for you:

What Is The Lifespan of Bacteriostatic Water after Opening?

This water has a lifespan of only 28 days. So considering from the opening date, even the water is not fully used, discard it immediately after 28 days, irrespective of the manufacturer’s expiry date.

The expiration date is only valid if the vial is not open even once. After opening, the bacteriostatic water starts losing its power in preventing bacterial growth.

Hence, discard it right away after 28 days. Otherwise, there is a high chance that several bacteria have already developed on it. Meaning it will be dangerous to use rather than causing a positive impact.

Does Bacteriostatic Water Need to Be Refrigerated?

Bacteriostatic water is acidic, having a pH level of 4.5 to 7.0. however, the average pH level is 5.7. Well, there is no such rule that bacteriostatic water needs to be refrigerated. Instead, if you closely see the bottle description, you will notice that it is said to store the bacteriostatic water in a dark place.

Both for the opening and after the opening stage, and speaking of temperature, it is basically written that it can be store comfortably at room temperature. But if we speak about specifics, then the ideal temperature is 30 to 25 degrees Celsius, which is 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, you can store it in the normal refrigeration also for storing instead of freezing it as freezing can negatively hamper its effectiveness.

Is Bacteriostatic Water The Same as Sterile Water?

Although bacteriostatic water and sterile water have several common things, yet at the same time, they have a huge difference between them. And thinking of them as the same is enough to cause catastrophic outcomes.

One of the common characteristics of both bacteriostatic and sterile water is that they prevent bacteria growth. But that doesn’t mean it will kill the bacteria. It just basically surpasses and limits the growth to that limit which is necessary.

However, there are some crucial differences between them. Such as sterile water needs to be thrown away right after a single use. In contrast, you can use bacteriostatic water multiple times for 28 days.

One more leading dissimilarity between both of them is sterile water branded for both injections and irrigations. While at the same time, bacteriostatic water categorized for only injection purposes.

Now, coming to the pH level, there is a slight difference here also. The sterile water pH level is 5.0 to 7.0, which is 4.5 to 7.0 in the bacteriostatic water.

Lastly, bacteriostatic consists of 0.9% benzyl alcohol. But the sterile water contains not a single drop of preservative or antimicrobial agent. That’s why the lifespan of bacteriostatic is so many days compared to the sterile water.

Therefore, the moral of the story is bacteriostatic water and sterile water are 2 different things, even though if they have almost similar goals most of the time.

So don’t mistakenly think of them as the same thing. Instead, use only after having proper knowledge and when to use which one to get the best result.

Can I Use Sterile Water Instead of Distilled Water?

No, you shouldn’t use sterile water instead of distilled water as they have different goals to meet and excel in their respective fields. So the better is not to use both for the same purposes.

Sterile water is something that plays a massive role in the medical research department. The sterile water is free from any organic materials but not from inorganic chemicals. In contrast, distilled water eliminates both the organic and inorganic impurities in the water.

It is made by boiling and condensing the water. As a result, it is free of any minerals like salt, calcium or iron. To simply put, distilled water is basically a pure form of water.

While sterile water is way more than just being pure water. As a result, it is regularly used in our everyday life for varied purposes, especially in medical and irrigation areas.

Hence, don’t be confused between sterile water and distilled water. And depending on your purpose and requirement, use sterile and distilled water as both have a different goal to play.

Can I Buy Bacteriostatic Water at A Pharmacy?

Of course, you can buy the bacteriostatic water in a vial format from any pharmacy. In fact, you can buy it from any state of Canada that too without showing or needing any prescription.

Still, we find many people wondering and asking questions like, “Where can I purchase bacteriostatic water?” While in reality, they can just find it in a nearby pharmacy store anytime they want.

The reason behind it is because bacteriostatic water is safe to use. The primary purpose is to liquefy or dilute the medicine to inject it into a patient safely.

Generally, bacteriostatic water comes in a 30-millimeter vial made using a special polyolefin.  However, it is also available in various vial forms, with each serving multiple different applications.

Can You Buy Sterile Water at Walmart?

Yes, you can definitely buy sterile water at Walmart that too comfortably.  However, you will also find a variety of sizes of vial forms of sterile water.

So depending on your need and requirement, you can easily buy sterile water from Walmart.

Sterile water is a common form of water for moistening wound dressings, wound debridement, etc. Moreover, you can order as much as you want.

Hopefully, the next time you have to buy bacteriostatic water, you will have no more doubts. As you already know, the exact answer of where to buy bacteriostatic water in Canada.

To Conclude

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