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Being in shape through a fitness workout is a very useful routine in our daily life. Going to the gym and being fit keeps us healthy and away from physical diseases and sickness. But, bodybuilding is an extreme form of gym activity that requires heavy workout routine and supplementary food consumption.

Some bodybuilders in the world also consume steroids, strictly under the prescription of doctors that help them to boost muscle and tissue recovery to buff up even faster and sooner. However, the question may arise, do you need rest days when on steroids? As there’s no direct answer to that, the following sections can assist you in deciding how to plan your workout days when you’re on steroids.

What Steroids Do to the Body?

Before deciding on whether you need rest days when on steroids, one must understand the effects of steroids on our body. When you work out in the gym, your body is put under immense stress, which causes muscles and tissues to damage. Steroids do two things together.

Firstly, the increase in the recovery process of the damaged tissues and muscles, and secondly, steroids heighten the male muscles by masculinizing the male features.

Steroids usually block the production of cortisol, which is a natural inflammatory of your body that works to build your damaged muscles. By blocking them, steroids make sure that muscles don’t easily break down and that there can be faster-healing muscles that can get bigger quicker. So the right amount of steroids boosts the healing metabolism of muscles as well as making them muscular within a short period of time.

On the other hand, daily workout sessions, along with too much steroid, put your body through a lot of stress and pressure. This may eventually lead to many physical deformities and sickness. Bodybuilders are often effected with aggressive behaviors, increased acne, baldness, female hormone growth, heart-attack, liver tumor, body pain, weak immune system, and so many more problems due to lack of understanding on whether they need rest days when on steroids or not.

Does Your Body Require Rest Days or No Rest Days?

As steroids quicken your muscle healing and tissue regeneration along with creating bigger muscles, it can be decided that you do not need rest days when on steroids. But, choosing one or the other is not as easy as it seems. Both have their drawbacks, and there are a few things that need to be thought of before deciding on a fixed routine with or without rest days when on steroids.

Rest days

To understand whether you need rest days, you should first realize what kind of stress you are putting your body through. If you’re working out every day with heavy weightlifting and long hours a day gym plan workouts, then you must give your body the rest it deserves.

Hardcore workouts require at least one rest day every week so that your body can generate enough hormonal recovery and relax for the next or upcoming working days. Moreover, professional bodybuilders on steroids usually keep one day each week to give their body a treat with cheat meals and no heavy diets and workouts.

As you’re already on steroids, your body will automatically recover quickly from any unusual activity, and a sound body will function better the next day in the gym. Finally, keeping rest days, at least once a week in your 6 days gym schedule, also require a planned and advanced diet program. So, your dietary nutrition must be balanced along with your steroids intake.

No rest days

As steroids improve your muscle recovery process by blocking cortisol production, one may decide not to include any rest days in one’s workout schedule. Rest days certainly aren’t necessary.

Steroids themselves can help you regenerate lost fatigue, energy, and muscle, and everyday workout may even result in better muscle growth through bigger and stronger muscles. However, no rest days also mean that you should schedule your workout plan according to your body needs and personal goal.

Working out every day does put a heavy toll on your body, so heavy weightlifting every day does not give your muscle enough time to grow properly. Because of that, if you’re taking no rest days at all, you should not do heavy weight training every day, rather focus on the more lean and cut aim of your body.

This means that twice or thrice weekly, you can shift to more cardio, callisthenic and strength-building training, and on the rest of the day of the week, you can train on muscle pumps and building bigger muscles.

In addition, working out every day requires heavy dietary plans as well, which means you absolutely cannot have cheat meal days. Healthy food habits with protein nutrition will make your body show results from everyday workouts.

Furthermore, no rest days when on steroids also suggests that working out for an hour or so every day is enough to reach your goal, and it also doesn’t put your body through extremity of regular gym sessions.

Steroids do help you to regenerate your damaged body muscles and tissues and help you in getting bigger body mass, but no rest day also means that you will be tired at the end of the day. This also implies that you must follow a strict routine of sleep and food consumption every day exactly at the right hour.


Steroids are usually prescribed by doctors to those gym going people or athletes who need quick results and who put their bodies through a lot of training. Although there are debates on whether steroids help build your muscle or not, a person on steroids must follow strict rules and regulations on understanding training routine and body relaxation.

Deciding on whether you need rest days when on steroids is entirely dependent on the person, and the above discussion should assist him in understanding what his/her body requires after training and workouts. Even though rest is not necessarily needed when on steroids, it is wise and relaxing for your body to take rests at least once or twice a month so that you can let it heal and grow naturally.