HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Women’s bodies produce this hormone for many different functions. We understand that all these sounds weird and complicated. But our main discussion is about using HCG in bodybuilding.

Many gym enthusiasts use HCG injections to lose weight faster. It is a very effective hormone to take you towards your weight loss goal. Besides this, HCG has other beneficial functions on your body.

This article will work as a guide to buy HCG injections online in Canada. But first, we need to get some in-depth knowledge of HCG injections in Canada.

What is HCG Injection?

Pregnant women produce HCG hormone in the pituitary gland. It helps women to develop eggs in their ovaries. As a result, women can release eggs during ovulation and get pregnant.

The hormone has an artificial injection form as well. It can be used to increase sperm count in men. Doctors also prescribe HCG injections to treat testicles. Thus, HCG injections are a great medication to treat infertility.

But the primary function of HCG injections is in the bodybuilding world. The HCG hormone helps pregnant women to lose body weight after delivery. The same function can be achieved in male bodies as well. Bodybuilders use this injection to lose weight quicker.

How Does the Injection Work?

Pregnant women release the HCG hormone for many functions. It can enhance egg production for pregnancy, and the hormone is vital after pregnancy as well. The hormone works to cut the extra weight from carrying a child inside the womb. And this is the exact function the injection does on bodybuilders.

Both male and female bodybuilders can lose weight quickly after using HCG injections. HCG injections work similarly on male and female bodies. Suppose a pregnant woman has started eating less after delivery. The HCG hormone will begin converting the extra fat into energy. The injection uses the same method on male bodybuilders. It uses unwanted fat from their bodies to convert them to energy.

So, bodybuilders can use HCG injections to use excessive fat. But they also must have a low-calorie diet with it. When food intake is minimal, the body will automatically use extra fat for daily energy. HCG injections boost this reaction to enhance the fat-burning speed.

4 Phases of HCG Injection’s Functions

The HCG injection will start working on your body within 4 to 8 weeks. During this time, you will notice going through 4 phases. These are as follows:

Phase 1: the Loading Phase

The first phase of the injection is to create cravings for calories. You will feel the need to eat high-calorie foods. The calories will clog up together to store fats. The hormone will later convert the fat into energy.

Phase 2: the Tasking Phase

The tasking phase can be a challenging step for bodybuilders. You will feel the craving to eat more calories during this phase, but this craving will not come from hunger. So, it would be best if you resisted the craving and did not eat calories at all.

Phase 3: the Stabilization Phase

You will not need HCG injections from this phase. That is why this phase is called the stabilization phase. Your body will start to stabilize, converting extra fat into energy on its own. It is crucial to maintain a specific diet during this phase.

Phase 4: the Maintenance Phase

This is the last stage of HCG injection’s functions. The only task of this stage is to maintain the newly formed body. You will need to maintain this body with a less strict diet. But you must ensure not to fall back to the previous unhealthy lifestyle.

When Do You Need HCG?

The main function of HCG is not to help you lose weight. There are many steroids available in the market. You can use them to lose weight quickly as well.

But there can come a particular time when you will need HCG. Suppose you decided to gain really bigger muscles. So, you started using different anabolic steroids. You are going through hardcore cycles of steroids. This can result in various side effects.

One of the side effects is low testosterone secretion. Over time, you will start feeling low sexual urges. And your testicles will start functioning less. This is the time you need HCG injections. The hormone can treat the testicle shutdown process. Thus, you will be able to return to a productive lifestyle.

How Much Does HCG Injections Cost?

HCG injections are affordable for most users. The prices can vary across different stores, but you can get the best deals almost always.

The price range starts from mid $70. The cheapest one may work minimal functions in your body. For example, a $75 HCG injection will only boost the testosterone level in your body.

You can buy HCG injections for as much as a hundred dollars. These HCG injections will work different functions in your body. You can also use them for bodybuilding purposes.

What is the Best HCG Injection Brand?

There are many HCG injections available in the market. A majority of them are excellent brands. So, determining one best brand could be a little tricky.

You will find brands like Pregnyl, Hucog, Lupi, and many more. All have almost similar characteristics. All these HCG drugs are best to treat infertility in men and women. They are also usable for bodybuilding purposes.

Where to Buy HCG Injections Canada

Canada has listed HCG as a “Schedule F” drug. This means that you will need a prescription to buy HCG injections from a pharmacy in Canada. And pharmacies have the authorization to sell HCG injections for women’s fertility treatments only.

So, it can be a lot easier to buy HCG if you are a woman. But it can be challenging for men to buy HCG injections. You cannot expect a doctor to provide you with a prescription. This is totally illegal. And even sellers will verify several times before selling you HCG injections.

But you can still keep your hopes high. Many online stores in Canada sell HCG injections.

How to Buy HCG Injections Online in Canada

Buying HCG injections online is the best option. That is if you are a man. There are plenty of online stores that sell quality HCG products. And they will deliver the drug to your doorstep.

But there is a catch. The biggest issue you will come across is the originality of the product. Canada has been experiencing a boom in HCG demand for the last few years. As a result, sellers are selling fake HCG injections for weight loss purposes.

Many new bodybuilders often intend to buy the cheapest one available. But it would be best if you did not do that when you purchase HCG injections online. The safest practice is to spend a little extra cash for better quality. So, make sure you are buying real HCG injections worth near $100.


So, it can be tricky to buy HCG injections online in Canada. Physical stores have the authorization to sell HCG injections for women’s fertility treatment only. If you are a man, it will be very tough to buy HCG injections from pharmacies.

Online stores are the only options for you. But online stores are filled with fake products. So, you must be careful before ordering an HCG injection online.